9 Feb 1989

Dear Wynne,

Thank you very much for your letter, which I was delighted to have this morning. I am not at all surprised to hear that there is so much fiction. Like Pat MacIver at Hove, I should very much like to see your own original script. I envy you your journey as Hove is now further than M & I can travel.

What I should very much like now to have is your permission to send my father's letter and your comments to Alastair for him to publish in DODO. And, as my uncorrected typing is now so appalling, I should like you to return my fathers transcript to me, so that I can get a proper photocopy made (and another for you if you would like it). Our Copy shop is 5 miles away in Lutterworth, that is why I did not have a copy made when I wrote to you. Yes, M & I would certainly like to come to see you soon.

I should very much like to know more about David MacIver (of D & C), and, in particular, of his relationship with the Burns's. I have seen somewhere a tale of his standing on the bridge of the MacIver boat when they were racing the Burns boat to or from the Clyde, and of his bold decision to 'join them, when he could not beat them'. And of course it was his money that gave my grandfather his independence.

I enclose a S.A.E for you to send me that Transcript.

With love from us both

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