Significant dates in the Jager family

1764  Father of George Jäger I born in Sommersdorf
1770  Death of grandfather of George Jäger. Mother moved to Magdeburg
1789  Father conscripted into army at Chatham. Joined 60th German rifles at Gibraltar. At taking of Guadeloupe in West Indies 3 times.
1804  (c) Father discharged as sergeant on 2½d per day pension. In "The College at Chelsea"
1806  (c) Father married Catherine Ludwich, whose father had a pottery in Kings Road Chelsea
1807  (c) David Jäger born
1810  (c) Fanny Jäger born
1814Dec5(c) George Jäger I born
1815  (c) Catherine Jäger born
1818  (c) Father left College on being appointed "Captain of his Ward"
1819  Father in White Cross Street Prison for debt
1821  (c) Sailed from Bulls Wharf Chelsea for Bremen, thence to Sommersdorf
1828  Father died. Rest of family returned to London, lodging in Paradise St
1829  Admitted to Chelsea Workhouse in the Tailors Shop
1832Apr (c) Sets out on journey that would take him on foot to Chatham, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Bristol, the hop fields of Kent and back to London
1833  Leaves London for Liverpool where he lodges with Mrs Kind at 46 Elden Place off Vauxhall Road
1834  Baptised at Byrom Street Baptist Chapel
1839Jul20Sets off for Philadelphia
1839Dec Staying in Charleston with John Herbert, witnesses last open sale of slaves.
1840  Returns to Liverpool. Purchases and launches "Hope of Liverpool" as a business adventure that soon proves unsuccessful. Finds other work where he can
1843  Travels to London by rail to visit mother.
1844  Sets up in business with Mr Myers
1845Jan1Marries Martha Briggs
1845Dec12George Jäger II born
1847  Martha Ann born
1849Dec Leaves Liverpool to set up in business in Preston
1852  Returns to Liverpool to open business in Blackstock Road
1853  Sets up in Black Diamond Street
1868  Declared bankrupt. Goes into partnership with Wm Marsh and T Monk
1868  George Jäger II marries Drusilla Morris
1870Mar May born
1872  Fire at Black Diamond Street. Buys out Messrs Marsh and Monk and sets up George Jäger & Son
1874  Drusilla dies
1874Oct2George Jäger II starts his journey to the Holy Land
1876Jan15George Jäger II marries Georgiana Morris, younger sister of Drusilla, at Neufchatel, Switzerland
1876Apr (c) George Jäger travels back to Philadelphia and visits the Centennial Exhibition
1876Aug (c) Explosion at Black Diamond Street works
1877Jan9George Harold (III) born
1880  Bonnington Sugar Refinery bought in Leith
1880  Birth of Bertram Jäger
1881  Birth of Frieda Jäger
1884  Mary Jäger born
1888Dec22Dorothy MacIver born
1890  George Jäger starts writing memoirs
1900Jan2Mary Jäger dies
1900Aug15George Jäger dies
1903Jul9George Jäger II dies
1903Nov9Start of Georgiana Jäger's journey to South America
1908Jun Harold Jäger marries Dorothy MacIver
1909Jun2Birth of Joanna Jäger
1910Aug25Birth of George Jäger IV
1913Jan23Birth of Hamilton David MacIver Jäger
1914  Family name changed to Jager (without Umlaut)
1914Aug13Birth of Diana Frieda Liege Jager
1916Jul31Birth of Rotha Elaine Jager
1920Aug22Birth of Giles Harold Merion Jager
1941Aug26George Jager IV marries Margaret Elliott
1942Aug9Birth of Dorothy Elliott Jager
1944Aug13Birth of George Christopher Jager (V)
1947Jan16Death of May Jager
1947Aug22Birth of Elizabeth Jager
1949  Georgiana Jager dies
1992Apr13George Jager IV dies
2008Jan11Margaret Jager dies