A memorial of May Drusilla Jäger

This was written just a year after May's death by Harold, who was clearly devoted to her. May was the only surviving child of George Jäger II's first marriage. Rather than being an account of her life, it is mostly a description of their time together as a family. Though there were times of tragedy, most of the account is of an immensely happy household leading, it must be said, a rather privileged life. May comes across almost as a saintly figure, being around whenever anyone needed her and always behaving impeccably. When her brothers and sister got married, she stayed behind and spent the rest of her life looking after her aunt/stepmother who in fact outlived her.


Introduction by Harold

Frieda, who possesses in abundant measure the qualities she so greatly admires in May, suggested to me that I should set down in writing a memorial of that true great hearted sister who died on 16th January 1947, aged 76 years 7½ months. Her Ashes were scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at Carleton, near Blackpool, after a short and simple service in the Chapel at which the XXIIIrd Psalm was read, in the presence of Bertram, Frieda, and me.

Earliest memories
Visits to grandmother in Norfolk
The move to Lingdale
Friends and neighbours
A holiday in Donegal
Many other diversions
Dinner parties
A house near Taynuilt
The death of Mary
Grandfather Jäger
Father's death
Aunt Minnie and Arthur and Frieda
New offshoots
May at Windermere