And Again....Pandora

This is Harold Jager's journal of his holiday on Pandora in August 1946 at the age of 69, sailing from Tayvallich up the west coast of Scotland as far as Loch Hourn.

He wrote daily during the journey and typed it up when he returned home. This was a happy time for him, visiting places that clearly meant much to him in the company of people with whom he was very much at ease.

He was nicknamed the Cat, and every now and then he intersperses his account with imaginary conversations with his alter ego Grimalkin. These mostly occur after he has got rather carried away with a particularly vivid description of his surroundings.

Jul 31 to Aug 1 Journey to Glasgow and Tayvallich
Aug 2/3 Tayvallich to Crinan
Aug 4 Crinan to Loch Craignish
Aug 5 Loch Craignish to Loch Spelve
Aug 6/7 Loch Spelve to Loch Creran
Aug 8 Loch Creran to Loch Scresort, Rhum
Aug 9/10 Loch Scresort to Loch Hourn
Aug 11/12 Loch Hourn
Aug 13 Totaig to Loch Nevis
Aug 14 Loch Nevis
Aug 15 Loch Nevis to Loch Drum Bhuidhe
Aug 16 Loch Drum Bhuidhe to Loch Aline
Aug 17 Loch Aline to Port Ramsay
Aug 18/19 Port Ramsay to Dunstaffnage Bay and Loch Craignish
Aug 20/21 Loch Craignish to Tayvallich and back south